Our Story

The iconic brand logo,
the white polar bear symbolizes
power, vigilance, independence and survival
in extreme conditions.
Its white coat embodies fulfillness and peace.

Big Bear has a young and dynamic target audience and is designed
for those who lead active lifestyles. We support the scene and our
fans to achieve their passion. Big Bear’s culture is revolved around
music, sports and entertainment. We promote concert tours, sports events,
and entertainment shows. Big Bear launches musicians around the world and
creates platforms where you can join in to be inspired by them.

Our Brand


The term ‘polar’ deals with the
concept of opposites. Polar bears live in extreme conditions.
Big deal, right? Well, yeah – it is a big deal.
The polar bear often shows up when we need to adapt,
be resourceful and endure some pretty
extraordinary stuff in order to survive our current situations.
This is exactly the personality the brand
wanted to convey to its target audience.


Polar bears are actually blue, but they appear white due to hollow fur.
Their coloring masks them from being detected while they hunt.
Symbolically, the polar bear reminds us to use every advantage we have
in order to hunt down what we require to live our best life. That is why
we have chosen the blue color in our product can to convey this hidden
quality in our product to our consumers. So, our brand message is that,
no matter how cruel your conditions, we give you the heart and might to
move through the worst of it. When you find yourself in extreme situations,
call upon Big Bear power.